Fabulous Disaster

From Flood comes Fabulous. GOLD award winner

The homeowners on this project came home after a weekend away to find their furniture floating in 6ft of water. The main water line had sprung a leak and completely filled the basement! The insurer had already had the exiting framing in the basement dried and treated for mould and the wiring replaced. The framing was in good shape, however the door opening all had to be adjusted because they now longer conformed to standard sized doors. We also had to redo some of the wiring to fit the specs of the additional renovation work we were doing.

This work included a rec room with dry bar, bathroom, laundry room, office, & storage room. A built in fish tank is a dramatic focal point of the rec room, that was essentially built around it, and consideration was given to dealing with the additional moisture the tank would introduce to the area. The rec room ceiling boasts alcoves for uplighting the room and a custom sound system was integrated into the rec room, bar and bathroom. The bathroom features a unique shower with tower shelving incorporated into the custom tile.